Three pillars

It happens that Street Photography workshops are focused all in all on teaching how and where to look. At the beginning it is very important to slow down and learn to perceive beyond looking. Mastering this ability is somehow crucial in recognizing frames that have potential for pictures that work. There is endless number of occasions but turning them into something of value that doesn’t bore involves more than perceptivity. I can name many factors but these three pillars of Street Photography I see as fundamental to the rest.




It is possible to practice Street Photography basing only on one or two of above however it puts you at risk that outcome will be only good and constantly on the same level. The path to advancing and progress demands all three. To stand out above repeating common themes and to elevate your work to the next level it is necessary to require from self, your sensitivity, perceptivity and ingenuity to work as a team.

This trio should always play together even if you just practice or shooting simple frames. Almost anyone knows this hypothetical situation where few photographers set in the same place and time can produce different frames. If there is one that stands out it is most likely a result of an experience and a trained mind. It is subconscious process that activates sensitivity which leads photographer to situations or places of a great potential, it’s like a quiet whisper suggesting certain area or people amongst all others. Then perceptivity kicks in making sharp and clear recognition what will work or where exactly something interesting may happen in a moment. Ingenuity and all your experience is responsible for fast decisions about how to approach this scene, what angle, composition or organization of objects in the frame is best at the moment. Better you are at ingenuity it is less likely you’ll repeat others or recreate pictures recorded deep in your memory but produce something unique.

You are making pictures for yourself so your taste and a bunch of other personal factors are shaping this trio and your ‘music’ which might or might not be liked by others. However, this shouldn’t stop you from getting in sync with street which often ‘speaks’ to your sensitivity and invites to many interesting places.

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